Finns Finish First at International Film Race

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Enni Ojutkangas as 'the girl' in Case Rabbit

A team from Finland topped the awards table at the 6th Annual 100 Hour Film Race. It is the first time that a Finnish team has won the award and is the largest Film competition win of its kind for the country of Finland. More

My Wonderland a ‘special mention’ for a magical film.

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My Wonderland still used by permission






Kate Rowles’ short film ‘My Wonderland’ (Home Video 8) received a Special Mention More

Glimmer 2011 Highlights

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Everyone who came to Glimmer 2011 will have noticed film cameras and stills equipment at many of the screenings and events. More

Finnish film tops the table at 48 Hour Film Challenge

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still from 'Quiet You by Joonas Makkonen

Interview with Joonas Makkonen and Tero Saikkonen from Tornio in Finland; winners of the first ever Glimmer 2011 48 Hour Film Challenge for the excellent film short ‘Quiet You  More

This Be the Bridge

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still from Bridge for the Living by Dave Lee (2011)

Dave Lee is a successful filmmaker from Hull with 20 years experience. More

Tony Hill serves up a magical visual feast at Glimmer 2011

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Tony Hill’s work is renowned for its sculptural quality and for his ability to present the world in unique ways. He is particularly known for constructing bespoke camera rigs in order to achieve incredible special effects, long before the use of digital editing and computer aided cinematography.From the 6th – 9th October the director and filmmaker Tony Hill returned to the city of Hull where he was once a lecturer, as retrospective artist for Glimmer 2011 More

Super 8 a derelict medium? (Now with added interview)


screen grab of I Married Foley Fottstep promo poster

Is Super 8 a derelict medium? Not for foley artists Matt Wand and Ben Gwilliam it’s not. In almost darkness we sat in a very full Middleton Hall witnessing the nostalgic magic of Super 8 film spliced together on a whirring projector. (more on the subject of darkness later) More

Launch of Glimmer International Short Film Festival 2011

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Glimmer 2011 poster

Glimmer 2011 launched last night. We marvelled at Tony Hill’s contraptions in the live art space More


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Holding the Viewer by Tony Hill

GLIMMER 2011 Hull’s 9th International Short Film Festival   6th – 9th October

Tony Hill the retrospective artists arrived in Hull on Monday and now here we are with just 1 day to go and the phone hasn’t stopped ringing all morning. More